Sake Taste Profile Classification


Type Fruity and elegant aroma.
Fragrance Elegant and clear aroma like fruits or flowers including apple, pear, white peach, narcissus, basil and mint.
リンゴ 白桃
Taste Fresh with moderate bitterness and umami. Smooth aftertaste.
Serving temperature Cold: about 10℃
Food pairings Food with natural and soft sweetness or cuisine with simple taste including white fish sashimi, steamed chicken and carpaccio. Good as an aperitif. 白身魚の刺身 蒸し鶏
Glasses A trumpet glass (wide rim and deep bowl) makes the aroma more expressive. ラッパ型
Type Crisp and dry.
Fragrance Calm and moderate with freshness and mild fruity notes like loquat, Japanese pear, lemon and green apple.
青りんご レモン
Taste Refreshing and smooth with moderate tartness. Crisp and dry aftertaste.
Serving temperature Very cold: 5~10℃
Food pairings Dishes with simple ingredients and fresh flavors like grilled fish, seafood dumpling, Vietnamese spring roll and scallop sashimi. 焼き魚 生春巻
Glasses A small glass or a champagne flute allows you to finish the drink before the serving temperature changes so that you can enjoy the original taste and the subtle fresh aroma of the sake. 小さな酒器と細身ラッパ型
Type Rich taste of rice with abundant umami.
Fragrance Rich and mellow aroma with notes of trees and dairy products such as rice, ear of rice, ceder and maple. ごはん
Taste Balance of sweetness, tartness and a pleasant hint of bitterness. Rich taste.
Serving temperature A bit cold: 15~20℃
Warm: 40~55℃
Food pairings A good match with a wide range of cuisine and more delicious when enjoyed with meals. Pairs well with the cuisine with strong flavors, fermented food and butter dishes like Oden, gratin, oyster and Sukiyaki. おでん 牡蠣
Glasses A Japanese style glass (circular shape and thin rim)allows you to enjoy the perfect balance of aroma, umami and tartness. 椀型
Type Aged well.
Fragrance Complex and intense aroma from aging like dried fruits and spices. ドライフルーツ
Taste Intense sweetness and pleasant tartness with rich and long aftertaste.
Serving temperature A bit cold or room temp: 15~25℃
A bit warm: about 35℃
Food pairings Food with intense flavors and oily food such as Mapo tofu, steak, foie gras and aged cheese. すき焼き 麻婆豆腐
Glasses A brandy glass or a transparent glass allows you to enjoy the intense aroma and beautiful color. 口径大きく底のすぼまった椀型