sweet sake

It is fun to chill with friends over drinks, but if your friends seldom drink or are not really good at alcohol, what kind of drinks will you go for? In fact, there are many special and delicious drinks in Japan that contain low alcohol and are popular with those who do not drink much. This month, Saketora will bring you some Japanese sweet liquors including fruit umeshu, chocolate nigorizake and yoghurt shochu. Not only easy-drinking, they can also be enjoyed in many ways and have an eye-catching label! With the festive season coming soon, buy and share them with your friends at a get-together!

Easy-Drinking! Make Your Own Black/White Cocktail!

The yoghurt shochu of Joraku Brewery is rich with a great balance of sweetness and tartness. Light in alcohol, it can be enjoyed in many ways - straight, on the rocks, with soda or any other forms. Fans of Kumamon shouldn’t miss the special edition of Kumamon too! On the other hand, if you like chocolate, the chocolate nigorizake of Homare Brewery would be your cup of tea. It is rich in the flavors of cacao with a nice balance of sweetness and bitterness. It can also be drunk in many ways. From straight to cocktails, you may mix it with milk or soy milk!

  • Saketora - Kumamon Yogrut sake

    Yoghurt Shochu
    (Kumamon Version)

  • Saketora - Deluxe“Summer Vibes”Set

    Chocolate Nigorizake

Japanese fruit umeshu

Japanese Sweet Liquors Set 10%OFF

Juicy and sweet, Japanese fruit is always popular. When it is blended with umeshu, how will it taste? To support Japan’s agriculture, Shinozaki Brewery has created a series of fruit umeshu, “Started”, by using different kinds of local fruit including apple, mango, peach, strawberry, pear and yuzu. Each of them is delicious and unique, so it is worth tasting and comparing all of them! From now on, you may enjoy additional 10% off when buying together with the yoghurt shochu and chocolate nigorizake. Don’t miss it out!