taisho shuki

During the Taisho era, Japan was deeply influenced by Western culture. In terms of art, culture, fashion, and architecture, the designs are deeply influenced by the "Romanticism" in Europe. Coupled with the "localization" in Japan, a unique "Japanese-European style" design with both western and Japanese characteristics is formed. It is classical and elegant, yet stylish. Hirota Glass, which has a history of over a century, is one of the oldest glass manufacturers in the Tokyo. Introducing manufacturing technology from Europe, combining with traditional Japanese aesthetics to create a unique design that merges Eastern and Western cultures. It has the same concept and characteristics as "Taisho Romance", so a series of beautiful and practical glasses have been created, which perfectly shows the beauty of Japan at the beginning of the last century.
Soft white glass color
Partial-trasparent white patterns are the characteristics of Taisho period glassware. This kind of design is not made with paint or pigment, but is created using a method called "Aburidashi'' (あぶり出し). This technique uses a special material called "bone ashes", which is stacked on transparent glass under severe temperature differences. The finished product has a mineral-like milky white color, and the changes on pattern perfectly shows the beauty of the glassware.
Saketora - Taisho Romance Goblet Ichimatsu

Taisho Romance Goblet Ichimatsu

By using glass molding method popular in the Taisho era Special glass colour in milky white Elegant and Classic

Saketora - Taisho Romance sake cup Ichimatsu Black

Taisho Romance sake cup Ichimatsu Black

Pure black and rounded glass stem Sharp color contrast in black and white Special and cute

  • saketora - Samal sake glass Ichimatsu

    Small sake glass Ichimatsu

    Dark and light alternating with the checkered pattern which is the representative design of the Taisho romance period Drink with it and feel like going back to the old good times


  • saketora - Small sake glass Nami

    Small sake glass Nami

    Slender and unique pattern of waves Highlight the meticulous craftsmanship Representative of Japanese style pattern