Tanabata 2021

Speaking of July, other than the anniversary of Saketora, there is also an important festival: the romantic Double Seventh Festival. Although generally speaking, the festival refers to the 7th July of the lunar calander, but in Japan from the Meiji Restoration, people is celebrating it at the Gregorian calendar, and among all the celebrations, the one in Sendai should be the biggest. Although due to the epidemic, the celebration of Double Seventh Festival cannot be as big as it used to be, but in such a romantic festival, it is also a pleasure to be able to enjoy the sake and talk with your beloved one at home. Therefore, Saketora has found two new sakes with the theme of the Big Dipper, so that sake fans can have a little more romance in the festival and enjoy an atmospheric summer festival at home.

Saketora - Tsukimi Junmai Daiginjo


Aoto-shichisei Junmai Daiginjo 35

Jozen Mizuno-gotoshi (translated as “Good as Water”), originated from Niigata Prefecture, is famous for its water-like purity. Crisp, fresh and smooth, it has been long loved by many sake fans. To welcome this Autumn, they have released a limited moon-themed Junmai Daiginjo. Brewed using the rice polished down to 45%, it is floral and mellow with the notes of lily, jasmine and daisy. Showing the hints of umami and flavors of rice, it is palatable and smooth. Whether you are a sake geek or beginner, you would also be impressed by its pleasant flavors.
Saketora - Tsukimi zake


Aoto-shichisei Junmai Ginjo 58

Sweet as melon with refreshing taste, and you can also feel the umami of sake rice. The wine is full-bodied but refreshing which can wash away the greasy feel, making it the perfect match with meat dishes and cheese.
Other romantic choices
Saketora - Tsukimi sake

On a night like this… Moon,
Junmai Daiginjo

Complex and rich. A poetic Junmai Daiginjo made in the concept of Full Moon. The latest product of the series of "On a night like this…". Though with a soft attack, this sake shows a full structure in the middle, with the hints of apple and earth. Brewed using "Sankeinishiki", a local sake rice from Nagano Prefecture, it is clean and well-balanced.
Saketora - Tsukimi zake

Taiheizan Junmai-ginjo Chogetsu

Elegant and aromatic first impression with soft texture and abundant umami. A signature sake of Akita. All made from "Akita Komachi", a local rice of Akita. Floral with smooth aftertaste.