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Crossover by 3 Sake Breweries of over the centuries’ history
To Promote the Local Taste of Tokyo

No one will disagree Tokyo is one of the most diverse cities in the world. The weekend activity can hardly bore you - from shopping, dining, gaming, historic sightseeing to nature exploration. Right, NATURE EXPLORATION. In fact, once you get out of the 23 districts, you will be amazed by how beautiful the mountains and waters surrounding the city are. In these areas, some excellent but yet-to-be-known sake breweries are also situated. As the Tokyo Olympics is being held this year, three local breweries since Edo period are launching a special crossover, Tokyo Local Craft Sake (TLCS), in order to promote the beauty of Tokyo sake to the rest of the world. Impressed by their spirit and history, Saketora has decided to introduce the items of the project to all of our members. Check them out.

TAMURA BREWERY- Even the former emperor of Japan visited
Even the former emperor of Japan visited
Saketora - Tamura Brewery

Saketora - Junmai Ginjo(Spring of Happiness)

Junmai Ginjo (Spring of Happiness)
Established since 1822, Tamura Brewery has a history of almost 200 years with outstanding sake-brewing craftsmanship and many beautiful historic constructions that even attracted the visit of the former emperor of Japan. Among the TLCS series, we can find “Kasen Junmai Ginjo”, which is their flagship brand. Brewed using “Ginga”, the sake is soft and slightly dry, with the notes of young mellow and fruity aromas, pairing well especially with seafood. Highly recommended to those who like fresh and light sake.

OZAWA BREWERY- The oldest sake brewery in Tokyo
The oldest sake brewery in Tokyo
Saketora - Ozawa Brewery

Saketora - Junmai Ginjo Blue Sky

Junmai Ginjo (Blue Sky)
Established since 1702, Ozawa Brewery has the longest history in Tokyo, enjoying a high reputation in the industry. Surrounded by mountains in an extremely cool area, their sakes are brewed in a perfect environment. “Junmai Ginjo (Blue Sky)” that represents them in the TLCS series is brewed using Gohyakumangoku, showing a classic and brilliant example of Tanrei style. Crisp and light with the floral notes of rose and honeysuckle, the hints of white rice, it goes well with a wide range of food. Great option for those who like clean and light texture.

ISHIKAWA BREWERY- The only brewery who owns the water as great as Evian
The only brewery who owns the water as great as Evian
Saketora - Ishikawa Brewery

Saketora - Junmai(Tamajiman)

Junmai (Tamajiman)
Started since 1863, Ishikawa Brewery also enjoys a long history, proud of themselves being the only brewery who owns and adopts the water with the same quality as Evian. “Tamajiman Junmai” is what you get from the TLCS series. Brewed using medium hard water, it is robust, well-structured, rich in the flavors of rice with abundant umami, pairing well with savory food such as soy sauce and miso. When it is served warmed, its notes of cereal are even more expressive.

Saketora - Tokyo Local Craft