tokyo sation snacks

Not just as a transportation hub of Tokyo, JR Tokyo Station is also a famous tourist spot and known as 'the gate of Japan'. Therefore, apart from the train platform, there are also a variety of tourist atrractions such as Character Street and Ramen street etc. In the area of "Tokyo Okashi Land", there are 4 super-famous confectionery stores and many of the products are limited editions in Tokyo Station, which are hard to find even in other places in Tokyo! So Saketora is taking an extra step for you, providing two types popular limited confectionery and pairing with our recommended Japanese sake, so that you can enjoy limited Japanese flavors even if you are just staying at home!

Saketora - Tokyo Staion snakcs kameda
Saketora - Tokyo Staion snakcs kameda
Kameda Seika's most familiar products are "Kaki Seed" and "Happy Turn Senbei".There is also a limited premium version of "Black Truffle Flavor" only sold at Tokyo Station. If it is paired with slightly sour sake, the umami of truffle can even elevate to a higher level!

Saketora - - Tokyo Staion snakcs calbee
Saketora - Tokyo Staion snakcs calbee
Calbee, a well-known brand and its potato chips are popular all over the world. This time, Calbee has cooperated with the popular condiment company "Ninben" to launch Kamaage Soy Sauce Flavored Potato Chips. The taste is stronger than ordinary potato chips, makes it the best match with the strong Japanese sake!