Saketora X Tsubamesanjo
Sake container collaboration
Saketora - What is Tsubamesanjo?
What is Tsubamesanjo?
Tsubamesanjo refers to the area that includes Tsubame City and Sanjo City in Niigata prefecture in Japan. The metalworking skills of craftsmen here are one of the most admired in the world that even Steve Jobs, the former CEO of Apple Inc., had also sought for.Starting with making Japanese nails in the Edo period, the special Tsubamesanjo technology has kept evolving from time to time and until now, the carpenter tools, knives and Western tableware have also become the famous products from Tsubamesanjo. Not only does Tsubamesanjo get more than 90% market share of the Western tableware in Japanese local market, it is also being used as the cutlery at the Nobel Prize ceremony.
Besides the famous tableware, many worldwide famousbrands also demand for the Tsubamesanjo technologyfor their products.

・Apple Inc. molding machine 'MGNET'
・Mirror polish on the back of Ipod
・Outdoor brand Snow Peak

Sake container brands from Tsubamesanjo


    Copperware special for Japanese sakes which makes the sake in the cup becomes smoother and sharper.
    All copperware from Tsuiki are made seamlessly by stroking a single copper plate. It can be used semi-permanently with careful use and would form a unique luster and colour over time.
    As all of the products are man-made by craftmen, the requirements on techniques are extremely strict. A craftman needs at least 4 years experience to become a professional one at Tsuiki Copperware.


    The shapes of the container and mouthpiece are carefully designed in order to enhance the taste and aroma of Japanese sakes. The special double-walled design allows it to be used both for warm sakes or the cold ones.
    To make it smooth and flawless, the welded part of the two stainless steels at mouthpiece area is polished to the limit.
    And this is the technology Double Wall boasts to the world.



    Sake containers that shine with a special colouring method which make them free from rusting nor fading.
    Since the containers are not painted nor coated, there would have no harm to human body and the environment.
    Stainless steel will be oxidized and rusted. The oxidized film formed on the surface refracts the light and changes the colour we can see. But by applying the special colouring and polishing technology from Guinomi, the sake containers can be used for a long time without damages.


    To optimize the aroma, mouth feel, taste and the after taste of the Japanese sakes, Sansaku has developed a series of containers to bring out the best sakes.
    Applying the special technologies, flat stainless steel plated are made into double layer structure to keep the original temperature of sakes.