Autumn Junmai Daiginjo of
Jozen Mizuno-gotoshi
2023 Version

Only 1,500 Bottles Produced
Mid-Autumn Festival is only a month to go, most of us would buy moon cake as a present during the Mid-Autumn Festival. But what about moon sake? The famous brewery, Jozen Mizuno-gotoshi. has released a limited moon-themed Junmai Daiginjo with a with super limited quantity. In a moon-shaped bottle painted with a cute jumping bunny, it is not only delicious, but eye-catching. It was sold out in just a few day last year, so if you are finding a gift that can show your thoughtfulness during the Mid-Autumn Festival, this is what you should go for!
※This item is on pre-order basis by 13th Sep. All sakes in the same order would be sent together from Japan on 15th Sep. #The delivery time is about one week and it is expected to arrive before the Mid-Autumn Festival (orders from Hong Kong only)
Saketora - Tsukimi Junmai Daiginjo
Floral, Elegant, Pure
Jozen Mizuno-gotoshi (translated as “Good as Water”), originated from Niigata Prefecture, is famous for its water-like purity. Crisp, fresh and smooth, it has been long loved by many sake fans. To welcome this Autumn, they have released a limited moon-themed Junmai Daiginjo. Brewed using the rice polished down to 45%, it is floral and mellow with the notes of lily, jasmine and daisy. Showing the hints of umami and flavors of rice, it is palatable and smooth. Whether you are a sake geek or beginner, you would also be impressed by its pleasant flavors.
Saketora - Tsukimi zake
Pleasant Not Only
on the Palate, But the Eyes
Influenced by the ancient Chinese culture, Japan has a strong complex with the moon. Like China and Taiwan, there is also Mid-Autumn Festival here and people enjoy viewing the full moon that day. Every year, as autumn is approaching, a lot of elaborate moon-themed products would surge on the market. The moon sake of Jozen Mizuno-gotoshi is one of them. Besides its excellent flavors, the cute design of a moon-shaped bottle and painting of an active jumping bunny have amused many sake lovers. With a production of only 1,500 bottles, it is also rare. No wonder, it is a perfect gift idea if you are looking something else than moon cake.
Saketora - Jozen Mizuno-gotoshi Junmai Daiginjo (Moon)2023 Version



Jozen Mizuno-gotoshi,
Junmai Daiginjo (Moon)
2023 Version

The cute and eye-catching Junmai Daiginjo is with a production of only 1,500 bottles. When it was launched last year, it was sold out in just a few days, and many sake fans asked if there is a chance to get it. Now the opportunity is here, so don't miss it again!