Throughout the history, Umeshu (Plum Wine) has been loved by the Japanese. Its recipe could be traced back to as far as the Edo period in a literature of the time, and by the mid-twentieth century it became widely popular as a healthy liqueur that could be replicated at home.
Now, it is still as popular as ever and is the best-selling items at Saketora.
Here are our highly recommended umeshu from the top 3 selling brands.

3 Most Poplar Umeshu Brands
Choya Suntory Komasa


Well-known in Japan for its smooth and refreshing product "Sarari to shita Umeshu", CHOYA UMESHU CO., LTD. is a long-established manufacturer of alcohol beverages founded in 1962. With 90 percent of its products classified as "Honkaku Umeshu (Authentic Plum Wine)", CHOYA's umeshu is made by traditional method of maturing ume fruit for at least one year. Ingredients are simple - only ume fruit, sugar and cane spirit, with no additives such as acidulants, flavorings or colorings. With the combination of refreshing sweetness and sourness derived from natural ume fruit, a rich aroma from the stone of ume, and the amber color resulting from the slow maturation process, this "Honkaku Umeshu" is packed with the goodness of ume and with nothing but a "bona fide" taste.

Authentic Umeshu

  1. No added acidulants, flavorings, or colorings
  2. Rich in polyphenol and potassium


Choya Uji Umeshu

This tea-based umeshu is made by the original techniques created by Choya called "Koumi Reisen Seihou (aromatic cold brew method)". To bring out umami, tea leaves are slowly infused with low temperature umeshu with no heating involved. It has distinctive features of Uji tea with a fresh aroma and a subtle note of sweetness with a clear aftertaste. If you are looking for a crisp and refreshing umeshu this is the one for you.

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The Choya Aged 3 Years

With Nanko ume fruit from Wakayama as its key ingredient, this umeshu is the epitome of long expertise in umeshu production and its historic data. Aged 3 years, this is an ultimate "Honkaku Umeshu (authentic plum wine)" emphasizing "the uniqueness from maturation" and "the harmonization of blending". Together with the matured and brandy-like aroma, its mellow taste makes it an ideal digestif.

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Choya Umeshu Excellent

Luxurious umeshu made from Nanko ume fruit from Wakayama and Brandy. With the rich flavor distinctive to brandy, this umeshu has an elegant, deep, yet smooth taste. Winner of Monde Selection Grand Gold Quality Award for 5 years running (2013 - 2017).

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Choya Gold Edition

In order to enhance the flavor of the fruit, 100 % finely selected plump Nanko ume is blended solely with brandy from Congnac, France, resulting in the finest, premium umeshu among the products of CHOYA. With golden flakes sparkling elegantly in the bottle, this is perfect for gifts or on special occasions.

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Yamazaki Distillery Reserve Suntory Casked Umeshu

Combining the umeshu matured slowly in toasted oak casks with the whisky aged in umeshu barrels, this is a fine, authentic umeshu from Suntory. You can enjoy the vanilla-like toasty aroma distinctive of toasted oak barrel with its elegant and deep flavor that mildly lingers as an aftertaste. Gradually matured inside whiskey barrels and embraced in the nature of Yamazaki Distillery where the craftsmanship of whiskey distillation has been handed down for nine decades, this umeshu boasts of an exceptional flavor.

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Komasa No Umeshu

The umeshu by Komasa Jyozo Co., Ltd. in Kagoshima only uses ume from Ouindo Farm. The fruit is produced with organic fertilizer and with the bare minimum usage of pesticide. The ume is relatively large in size and plump with sweet aroma. Each freshly picked green ume fruit is carefully hulled and washed by hand then soaked in authentic shochu. The aroma and tartness of ume marry well with the deepness of shochu, resulting in a round, appetizing and soothing flavor. Generous amount of high-quality Japanese honey is also a key ingredient of this umeshu. Winner of the Best Liqueur at the 2017 Hong Kong IWSC (International Wine & Spirit Competition).

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