Summer is getting closer and closer, and it is the season of plums. Therefore, many Japanese families choose to buy plums in early summer and make umeshu at home. The brewing method is actually simpler than you think! Saketora will introduce the method of brewing umeshu, so that you can easily create your own exquisite taste even at home! Of course, some umeshu lovers can't wait for the long brewing process to want to have a cup of umeshu immediately, so Saketora also brings you 2 new umeshu! They are not only attractive in taste, but also in appearance. Dazzling, it will definitely bring more excitement to your summer!

Let's brew it yourself!

May and June is the season of green plums, and there are more and more plums on the market. Because the brewing method is simple, many people in Japan buy their own plums and brew various kinds of umeshu at home. Let Saketora team briefly introduce several brewing methods for you, so that you can brew your favorite flavor while the brewing season is right!

Saketora - Let's brew it yourself
  1. Wash and dry the plum, and remove the pedicel
  2. Put the plums in a container and add rock sugar according personal preference (about 500~800g of rock sugar to 1kg of plum)
  3. Add Add base wine with 35% or more alcohol concentration
  4. Seal the bottle and put it in a cool place to age
  5. Age for 3 months ~ 1 year(Aging time varies according to personal preference, the longer the time, the more mellow the umeshu will be)

How to choose the base wine?
  • saketora - Brandy


    Brandy is distilled from fruit, so it is generally fruity and relatively sweet in taste. When plums are added to brandy, the acidity of plums can bring out the original fragrance of brandy. Therefore, umeshu using brandy as the base wine is also one of the most common types.

  • saketora - Shochu


    The most commonly used base wine when Japanese families brew their own umeshu. The taste of shochu is more pungent, and the brewed umeshu will be relatively refreshing, so drink it with ice cubes can said to be the best special drink in summer.

  • saketora - Whiskey


    The whisky is rich and mellow, and the sourness of plums can make it more refreshing. Many people even drink it on rocks to further make the alcohol easier to drink. Between refreshing and mellow, more and more people have fallen in love with this 'matured taste' in recent years.

Saketora - Lovely and young umeshu blossom Sakura Umeshu

Lovely and young umeshu
blossom ~Sakura Umeshu~

It was jointly developed by 7 female college students from Wakayama University, putting their dreams in the bottle, and bring the youthful vibe and cuteness to all umeshu lovers. In order to make the umeshu easier to drink, a light cherry blossom flavor is specially added, followed by the rich plum fragrance, exaggerating the aroma of plums.

Saketora -Elegant Japanese style Oyama Umeshu 5-year-aged Yumehibiki Furoshiki wrapping

Elegant Japanese style
Oyama Umeshu 5-year-aged Yumehibiki (Furoshiki wrapping)

Using 'Oshukubai', which is considered as the most suitable breed for brewing, as the main ingredient. It is aged in high-quality whisky barrels for 3 years, and then aged for 2 years after bottling. Time did its job and a mellow umeshu is done. The appearance is also outstanding, with the traditional Japanese style wrapping cloth as the packaging, showing the gorgeous side of the Japanese culture.

saketora - saketora umeshu collection
saketora - saketora umeshu collection