Fine Sake Awards 2020
New Gold Winners in Store

For all sake lovers, here is a question: What are the benefits of serving sake in wine glass? While the subtle color and tears can be seen more easily, the changes in aromas and flavors caused by temperature are more noticeable. This concept is exactly what Fine Sake Awards is promoting. As one of the biggest sake competitions, it has welcomed its 10th edition in February. And this year, among 897 entries, there are only 24 Grand Gold and 242 Gold winners. For all who want to try the winning sakes, Saketora has selected the best of the best. Get your wine glass ready and try our picks!

Saketora -

Grand Gold, Robust & Rich in the Flavors of Rice

Sakuramasamune, Daiginjo Genshu

Brewed using the best Yamadanishiki which is polished to 35%, it goes through low-temperature fermentation, showing elegant aromas of white rice, white flower, banana and milk. With no water added after fermentation, it is robust and dry, with a soft attack and textured mid-palate followed by a refreshing finish. A traditional style that is getting rare nowadays.
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Rich, Complex but Well-Balanced

Senpuku, Regal Daiginjo

Brewed using the blend of Yamadanishiki and Senbon-nishiki, it is dry but fruity with the notes of strawberry, banana and melon, followed by the hints of milk, yoghurt, honeysuckle and white rice. The attack is fresh and sweet while the mid-palate shows rich umami and acidity, which leads to a complex mouthfeel and perfect balance.
Saketora -

Floral, Green & Fresh

Zuiyo, Daiginjo (Traditional Pressing)

Brewed using Yamadanishiki and the underground water from the Mount Aso, it is fresh, crisp and dry with pleasant floral notes of lily, honeysuckle, leaf and hints of green apple, white grapefruit and cream. The attack is soft while the finish is refreshing with a bit astringency. Since vertical pressing is adopted to separate the lees, it receives less pressure, resulting in a delicate texture. Nice for spring and summer.
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