【Free Delivery】Galaxy Set
【Free Delivery】Galaxy Set
【Free Delivery】Galaxy Set

【Free Delivery】Galaxy Set

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Unconventional Sakes + Exclusive sake containers
13% OFF + Free delivery!!

Special designs make you feel like placing yourself in the outer space!

If you are looking for something luscious, you should not miss “Wakaze”. Their sakes are so unconventional and sweet that they can be mistaken as a dessert wine. Brewed with wine making techniques like maturation in oak barrels, they are rich, intense and can go well with many kinds of Western dishes.

The set is also with 2 special sake containers, Chic Infinite. This jewelry glassware is made of the highest quality titanium that used in space development technology and by exceptional Japanese craftsmanship.

Wakaze Luna 500ml
Wakaze Gaia 500ml
Sake container - Chic Infinite

*This set can be ordered together with other items.
*When you order this set with other items ,Shipping fee will be charged only for the items except the set.


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