【Free Delivery】Special Sakura Set

【Free Delivery】Special Sakura Set

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Special offer for the special you!
Save up to $448 + Free delivery!!

When it comes to spring in Japan,
the hot topic would definitely be the Cherry Blossom!
Saketora is therefore presenting you the Special Sakura Set,
so that you can enjoy the fascinating 'Hanami (flower viewing
)' even you are at home!
The set also includes a pair of Sansaku sake containers (Sakura and Sky)!

Kasen, Wajo Special Junmai
Kuromatsu Senjo, Ouro Daiginjo
Temahima, Junmai Daiginjo Yukimegami
Sansaku SakeCup "Sakura" Cherry Blossoms
Sansaku SakeCup "Sora" Sky

Let's try and feel Japan!

*This set can be ordered together with other items.

*When you order this set with other items ,Shipping fee will be charged only for the items except the set.


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