【Free Delivery】Mid Autumn 2023 Set ②
【Free Delivery】Mid Autumn 2023 Set ②

【Free Delivery】Mid Autumn 2023 Set ②

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Limited sakes special for Mid-Autumn Festival!
20% OFF + Free delivery!!

Finding the best gifts for Mid-Autumn Festival? How about moon sake? The famous brewery, Jozen Mizuno-gotoshi. has released a limited moon-themed Junmai Daiginjo with a with super limited quantity. In a moon-shaped bottle painted with a cute jumping bunny, it is not only delicious, but eye-catching! Together with the high class sake container, this set can definitely bring you a special festival!

The set includes the following items:

Jozen Mizuno-gotoshi, Junmai Daiginjo (Moon) 2023 500ml x2
Taisho Romance Sake cup x1

※ This set is sold on a pre-order basis until 11:59pm on 13th Sep. Estimated shipping date from Japan would be 15th Sep. Other products in the same order would also be shipped on the same date.

*This set can be ordered together with other items.
*When you order this set with other items ,Shipping fee will be charged only for the items except the set.

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