【Manufacturer order】Kamenoumi Drip-Pressed Daiginjo 720ml

【Manufacturer order】Kamenoumi Drip-Pressed Daiginjo 720ml

Tsuchiya Brewery
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The flagship of Tsuchiya Brewery, the pioneer of Ginjo sake in Nagano Prefecture.
Brewed using Yamadanishiki which is polished to 35% and slowly fermented at low temperature, this Daiginjo is elegant and aromatic, showing mild sweetness and rich flavors of rice. Classy and enticing.

Record of Awards Gold at Japan Sake Awards 2018, Daiginjo Division
Sake Texture Daiginjo
Area/ Prefecture Tokai/Nagano
Ingredients Yamada-nishiki
Rice Polishing Ratio 35%
Alcohol Percentage 17%
Taste Profile Classification Aromatic Type
Sake meter value +3
Acidity 1.3
How to Drink Chilled
Food Pairings Grilled Fish, Chinese Dim Sum, Cold Starters etc.
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