Jokigen Daiginjo Nakagumi Tobinkagoi 720ml

Jokigen Daiginjo Nakagumi Tobinkagoi 720ml

Kano Brewery
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Drip-pressed and aged under low temperature, a premium Daiginjo with delicate texture.
Drip-pressed and only choosing "Nakadori", the middle part of the pressed sake, for bottling, this Daiginjo is delicate, aromatic and complex. ※After frementation, the would-be Sake has to be pressed so that the Sake can seperate from the lees (Sake-kasu). There are three runs, "Arabashiri", "Nakadori" and "Seme". "Nakadori" is the second run and regarded as the best part because of its cleaness and richness.

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Sake Texture Daiginjo
Area/ Prefecture Chubu/Ishikawa
Ingredients Yamada-nishiki
Rice Polishing Ratio 45%
Alcohol Percentage 16.5%
Taste Profile Classification Aromatic Type
Sake meter value +3
Acidity 1.1
How to Drink Cold
Food Pairings White fish sashimi, steamed chicken, salad etc.
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