Kuromatsu-Senjo "On a night like this…" Junmaiginjo Salamander 720ml

Kuromatsu-Senjo "On a night like this…" Junmaiginjo Salamander 720ml

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After 7 days it was pressed, this Junmai Ginjo was heated and immediately chilled then went through aging at low temperature for 1-2 years, showing a mild and pleasant mouthfeel.
The series of "On a night like this…" is a limited edition, with only a small production and 1.8L version available in the domestic market. 720ML version is particularly designed for foreign markets and made its debut on Saketora. "Junmaiginjo Salamander" is the first product of this series, brewed using the rare sake rice "Kinmon-nishiki". Well-aged and unique, it shows a hint of sweetness with a good balance of bitterness and tartness.

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Sake Texture Junmai-ginjo
Area/ Prefecture Chubu/Nagano
Ingredients 100% rice from Nagano Prefecture
Rice Polishing Ratio 50%
Alcohol Percentage 16%
Taste Profile Classification Rich Type
Sake meter value private
Acidity private
How to Drink Chilled
Food Pairings Grilled fish, dishes with sour taste etc.
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