Wakaze Luna  500ml
Wakaze Luna  500ml
Wakaze Luna  500ml
Wakaze Luna  500ml
Wakaze Luna  500ml

Wakaze Luna 500ml

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Manufacture date of this item is October,2019.

※Although the recommended shelf life of Japanese sake is 1 year in general,there is no too much influence on the quality of the product.

 A premium Kijoshu - a luscious sake that will change your impression on its traditional image.

Brewed using white koji and sake instead of water, Wakaze Luna is rich and sweet, with the notes of mandarin. Aged in old barrels that have been used for white wine, it is so elegant and smooth that you may mistake it as a noble rot wine.

Record of Awards Gold at Fine Sake Awards 2019
Sake Texture Junmai/ Special Junmai
Area/ Prefecture Hokkaido・Tohoku/Yamagata
Ingredients Sakenohana
Rice Polishing Ratio 60%
Alcohol Percentage 14%
Taste Profile Classification Aromatic Type
Sake meter value -50
Acidity 3.5
How to Drink Chilled
Food Pairings Sauteed scallops, Cheese pasta, Nuts etc.
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