Kubota Hyakuju 720ml

Kubota Hyakuju 720ml

Asahi Brewery
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Dry with mild aroma, a pleasant sake with two faces - crisp when chilled; mellow when warmed.
Entry level of Kubota series, with moderate aroma and smooth structure. More delicious when enjoyed with food. Equally good when served chilled and warm. When warmed, it will become even rounder and softer.

Record of Awards -
Sake Texture Honjozo/ Special Honjozo
Area/ Prefecture Chubu/Niigata
Ingredients Gohyakumangoku
Rice Polishing Ratio 60%
Alcohol Percentage 15%
Taste Profile Classification Rich Type
Sake meter value +5
Acidity 1
How to Drink Slightly warm
Food Pairings Oden, roast chicken, red fish sashimi like tuna, braised meat, stewed meat etc.
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