Zuiyo Junmai-daiginjo Gold 720ml

Zuiyo Junmai-daiginjo Gold 720ml

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Premium sake of Zuiyo Brewery. Brewed using high-quality Yamadanishiki polished to 38% and drip-pressed.
Aged at low temperture, this premium Junmai Daiginjo shows abundant umami.

Record of Awards -
Sake Texture Junmai-daiginjo
Area/ Prefecture Kyushu/Okinawa/Kumamoto
Ingredients Yamada-nishiki
Rice Polishing Ratio 38%
Alcohol Percentage 16%
Taste Profile Classification Rich Type
Sake meter value private
Acidity private
How to Drink Cold
Food Pairings Oden, roast chicken, red fish sashimi like tuna, braised meat, stewed meat etc.
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