Hakuryu Junmai Echigo Touji 720ml

Hakuryu Junmai Echigo Touji 720ml

Hakuryu Brewery
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A Junmai popular among sake lovers and so delicious that you will never get enough of it.
A stunning Junmai brewed using high-quality sake rice of Niigata Prefecture with sophisticated craftsmanship.

Record of Awards -
Sake Texture Junmai/ Special Junmai
Area/ Prefecture Chubu/Niigata
Ingredients Gohyakumangoku
Rice Polishing Ratio 60%
Alcohol Percentage 15%
Taste Profile Classification Rich Type
Sake meter value +3
Acidity 1.5
How to Drink Slightly warm
Food Pairings Oden, roast chicken, red fish sashimi like tuna, braised meat, stewed meat etc.
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