Kiwamihijiri Junmai Ichiban Shizuku 720ml

Kiwamihijiri Junmai Ichiban Shizuku 720ml

Miyashita Brewery
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Refreshing tartness and aroma with pleasant and slightly dry texture. Good match with a wide range of cuisine.
The essence of rice is fully extracted under the direction of famous brewer, "Akio Nakahama" and production of his talented student who paid full attention to every single detail when brewing sake. Even the soaking process was carefully observed and controlled.

Record of Awards 2014 Gold Medal(Main Category), Fine Sake Award
Sake Texture Junmai/ Special Junmai
Area/ Prefecture Chugoku/Okayama
Ingredients Asahimai
Rice Polishing Ratio 60%
Alcohol Percentage 15%
Taste Profile Classification Rich Type
Sake meter value +3
Acidity 1.4
How to Drink Room Temperature
Food Pairings Oden, roast chicken, red fish sashimi like tuna, braised meat, stewed meat etc.
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