Suntory Smoky Umeshu 2022 Limited Edition  750ml

Suntory Smoky Umeshu 2022 Limited Edition 750ml

Suntory Yamazaki Distillery
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2022 limited edition, the Yamazaki umeshu with smoky flavor.
Aged at the wooden barrel in the Yamazaki Distillery, the birthplace of Suntory whisky, the special smoky flavor is its special feature. Enjoy it with soda water, and you can feel the diffused aroma and aftertaste. The dark green design of the bottle expresses the rich taste of the umeshu, while the golden font shows a sense of luxury, which perfectly shows the characteristics of Yamazaki umeshu.

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Record of Awards -
Sake Texture umeshu
Ingredients -
Rice Polishing Ratio -
Alcohol Percentage 20%
Sake meter value -
Acidity -
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The perfect temperature to drink
The perfect temperature to drink

Taste Classification
Taste Classification

Food Pairing:-
Food Pairing:-


Area:kinki (Pref. osaka)
Area:kinki (Pref. osaka)