Horai, Super S Junmai Daiginjo (18%) 720ml

Horai, Super S Junmai Daiginjo (18%) 720ml

Watanabe Brewery
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The most premium sake of Horai. Rice polishing rate as low as 18%. Delicate, complex and silky.
This premium Junmai Daiginjo is brewed using the top-ranked Yamadanishiki from Hyogo Prefecture and traditional pressing method. On the nose, it is extremely complex, floral and fruity with the notes of melon, strawberry, banana, white flower, vanilla, white rice, cream cheese and milk. On the palate, it is delicate, soft, rich and mouthcoating. The sweetness is perfectly balanced by the acidity while the umami becomes more expressive as time passes. It is best served chilled in a big red wine glass. Remarks: Delivery at room temperature will not cause damages to the sake. However, for long-term storage, low temperature is suggested.

Record of Awards -
Sake Texture Junmai-daiginjo
Area/ Prefecture Chubu/Gifu
Ingredients Top-ranked Yamadanishiki from A-grade area in Hyogo Prefecture
Rice Polishing Ratio 18%
Alcohol Percentage 16%
Taste Profile Classification Aromatic Type
Sake meter value 0
Acidity 1.1
How to Drink Cold
Food Pairings White fish sashimi, Tempura, Roasted pork belly etc.
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