Zuiyo, Daiginjo (Traditional Pressing) 720ml

Zuiyo, Daiginjo (Traditional Pressing) 720ml

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Signature Daiginjo of Zuiyo, a well-known brand in Kumamoto Prefecture. Fresh and green. Gold at Fine Sake Awards 2020.
Brewed using Yamadanishiki and the underground water from the Mount Aso, this sake is fresh, crisp and dry with rich floral notes of lily, honeysuckle, leaf and hints of green apple, white grapefruit and cream. The attack is soft while the finish is refreshing with a bit astringency. Since vertical pressing is adopted to separate the lees, the sake receives less pressure, resulting in a more delicate texture. A nice sake especially for spring and summer.

Record of Awards Gold at Fine Sake Awards 2020 (Premium Daiginjo Division)
Sake Texture Daiginjo
Area/ Prefecture Kyushu/Okinawa/Kumamoto
Ingredients Yamadanishiki
Rice Polishing Ratio 40%
Alcohol Percentage 16%
Taste Profile Classification Aromatic Type
Sake meter value 4
Acidity 1
How to Drink Cold
Food Pairings Simple light food such as raw oyster, sashimi, grilled asparagus
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