Zaku Junmai Gennotomo 750ml

Zaku Junmai Gennotomo 750ml

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Mild sweetness with simple rice umami and refreshing acidity exudes a comforting feel that is satisfying.
The refreshing aroma is tinged with a bit of acidity, reminiscent of green apples. After the gentle sweetness of the rice, the refreshing sourness is more invigorating. The rich umami of the rice is strong, and the slight bitterness brings you a sharp finish. A sake that is designed to be enjoyed with food, impressive whether it is served cold or warm.

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Record of Awards Gold at Kura Master 2020 Junmai Category Silver at SAKE COMPETITION 2019 Junmai Category
Sake Texture Honjozo/ Special Honjozo
Ingredients Japanese rice
Rice Polishing Ratio -
Alcohol Percentage 15%
Sake meter value private
Acidity private
With/ without a carton

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The perfect temperature to drink
The perfect temperature to drink

Taste Classification
Taste Classification

Food Pairing:Savory Food
Food Pairing:Savory Food

Good examples of food pairings are Japanese grilled fish, Cantonese roast meat, French Saucisson and Italian Parma ham, etc.

Area:kinki (Pref. Mie )
Area:kinki (Pref. Mie )