【Free Delivery】Gokujo Limited Edition 2021 Set

【Free Delivery】Gokujo Limited Edition 2021 Set

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“Gokujo”, is a 10-year project co-launched by 5 sake brands from Nagano Prefecture: Hokkou Masamune, Ikioi Masamune, Sekizen, Moto Oi No Matsu, and Fukumuryo. Each year, a theme is set and each brewer produces a sake based on it with a designated Nagano rice and 59% rice polishing ratio. Since different rice is used each year, the taste also differs.

The brewers believe that drinking sake is a bridge which brings brewers and sake lovers together. When the two sides are brought together, they would become a whole just like the 30:70 side parting hair style. Therefore, the '30:70 side parting' has become the 7th year's theme. On top of this, the 5 brewers are using 'Hitogokochi' sake rice (lit. People and Heart) as the main ingredient, implied 'Bring people together'. With each brewer employing different brewing methods and yeasts, although the same rice is used, the taste and style of their sake is so different. As a sake lover, let’s support these 5 dreamers by tasting their sake and find out our favorite.

The set includes following sakes:

Gokujo 2021 Limited Edition - Fukumuryo Junmai Ginjo 720ml x1
Gokujo 2021 Limited Edition - Moto Oi No Matsu Junmai Ginjo 720ml x1
Gokujo 2021 Limited Edition - Sekizen Junmai Ginjo 720ml x1
Gokujo 2021 Limited Edition - Ikioi Masamune Junmai Ginjo 720ml z1
Gokujo 2021 Limited Edition - Hokkou Masamune Junmai Ginjo 720ml x1

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