Tsuiki Copperware Sake Cup Red
Tsuiki Copperware Sake Cup Red
Tsuiki Copperware Sake Cup Red

Tsuiki Copperware Sake Cup Red

Tsubame sanjo
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A life-long sake container which makes the sake becomes mellow. All containers are hand-made by craftesmen with hammers from a single copper plate.

■How the containers affect the taste of sake?
The bactericidal action of copper purifies the water in sake, which would eliminate the off-flavor of sake.
Especially for the dry sakes such as Special Junmai and Honjoz, the change in tastes would be even more significant.

■Special features
As the name implies, all containers are man-made products by striking a single copper plate to corresponding shapes and the roughness of the surface is the proof of this technique. This know-how is so difficult that each craftsman needs 4-year experience to become a maker of the container. This traditional technology is developed by the living national treasure Mr. NorioTamagawa and Mr. Itami Shimakura.

Origin Niigata prefecture, Tsubame Sanjo
Maker Simakuradou

Main body:Copper 
Outer surface:Stewed oxidation colouring 
Inner surface:Tin welding

Size φ65mm×H38mm 60g
85ml *when fully filled

■How to Use
*Before using for the first time, please wash it with a neutral detergent.
*After use, please wash it with a neutral detergent immediately, wipe it with a soft cloth and store in a dry place.
*The tin on the inner surface may darken if water is left on the surface in a period of time. How to remove: Wash it by using cleanser on a sponge(only apply to the inner surface)
*After a long period of use, tin on the inner surface may come off
*Do not put hot drinks in the container
*Salt and acid may cause the copper to rust. Please keep it clean after use to prevent rusting or the rust can be cleaned by wiping with a towel after washing

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