Saketora's portable masu

What is the secret material of Saketora's high quality masu?

Saketora's portable masu is made from Hinoki of the highest grade, a type of cypress from Kiso, Nagano Prefecture. Regarded as Japan's most beautiful natural material, it features with wood grain that is fine and filled with elasticity as well as beautiful long-lasting white color. It is widely used for famous cultural heritage sites in Japan such as temples since it is clean and highly anti-microbial with a great level of resistance to water and corrosion. It also emits a natural and rich scent that can calm people's mind.


A masu that is carefully crafted one by one

Every single detail of Saketora’s original masu is well thought and made. High quality natural Hinoki is carefully selected and crafted into masu by skillful craftsmen. Only food-safe wood glue is adopted as well. Other than the materials, the corners are especially made slightly rounded so that it can create a more gentle touch and smoother texture. With all the masu crafted one by one, never can you find something similar. Even the Saketora's logo is not printed but burnt and engraved on it. Do enjoy the harmony of Hinoki and Sake with Saketora's masu.