awarded sake 2022

saketora - awarded sakes assemble
Speaking of the best competition in the sake industry, 'Fine Sake Awards' established since 2011 is definitely in the list. The results of this year has been announced on 20th March, and many sakes available at Saketora have won a title! In addition, Saketora team has integrated the winning sakes of the major competitions in 2021, so that everyone can find out the best sakes easily! If you love premium sake, then you should not miss the 'Award-winning sake set 2022', including 6 types of sake, all of which have received the highest level of title in each competition. Free shipping on top of 14% off , you would never want to miss this chance!

  • Saketora - London Sake Challenge
  • Saketora - Kura master

  • Saketora - IWC
  • Saketora - Japan sake awards

Hakuryu Junmai Daiginjo by wine yeast 720ml
Jurakudai LIMITED EDITION Junmai Daiginjo 720ml
Kikusui Kuramitsu Junmai Daiginjo 750ml
Toko Junmai-ginjo Genshu 720ml
Ninki-Ichi Gold-Ninki Junmai-daiginjo 720ml
Kiwamihijiri Junmai-daiginjo Takasima Omachi 720ml
Kyukyoku no Suishin Daiginjo 720ml
Tokyo Kurabito, Junmai Ginjo 720ml
Miyanoyuki, Junmai Ginjo 720ml
Shinsei Iwai Junmai-daiginjo 720ml
Soutenden Daiginjo 720ml
Hourai Junmai-daiginjo Irootoko 720ml
Hakutsuru Junmai Daiginjo Shoun 720ml
Junmai Daiginjo Yume No Kaori 720ml
Senpuku Junmai Ginjo Ajiwai 720ml
Joku Daiginjo (2022 Gold Award Edition) 720ml
Hakkaisan Junmai Daiginjo Aged 3 Years 720ml