Many sake mania should know that Niigata Prefecture is famous for its sake production. Of the 1,400 sake breweries in Japan, 90 are from Niigata Prefecture, including the famous sake brand Kubota and Koshino Kanbai, and also the rising brand such as Kikusui and Imayo Tsukasa. When it comes to sake produced in Niigata Prefecture, the first impression is light and dry, refreshing and goes well with many kinds of cuisine. So what makes Niigata sakes so outstanding? Let's check it out with Saketora!

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Saketora - Niigata Prefecture, the Sake Kingdom
Saketora - Niigata Prefecture, the Sake Kingdom

Niigata Prefecture, the Sake Kingdom

In ancient Japan, the area near the Sea of Japan was called 'Koshi Province', so Niigata area, which is located at the upper part of Koshi Province, is called 'Echigo' (lit. 'The back of Koshi') For this reason, many products from Niigata Prefecture will include 'Echigo' in their name. So what are the characteristics of the 'Echigo' area?

'Rice', 'Snow', 'Seafood' are the 3 main impressions of Niigata from the view of Japanese

There are many rivers in Niigata Prefecture, including the Shinano River, the longest river in Japan. Therefore, a lot of fertile soil and mineral-rich water are brought to the cultivated land of the lower plains, which is beneficial to the production of rice.
Niigata Prefecture has many high mountains, the snow there can sometimes reach the waist level. Therefore, it is a resort for winter sports such as skiing. It is also a good place for Japanese in summer time.
Niigata Prefecture faces the Sea of Japan and produces a lot of seafood. One of the famous ingredients called Blackthroat seaperch' which is rich in fat and with umami. This characteristic of taste makes it goes well with Tanrai and dry sakes.

Saketora - Terroir of Niigata
Saketora - Terroir of Niigata

Terroir of Niigata

Why does the sake from Niigata Prefecture have the characteristic of Tanrei and dry? It turns out that it has a lot to do with the terroir of Niigata Prefecture.
The snow on the mountains of Niigata Prefecture melts and turns into groundwater. After flowing through the mountains, soft water containing a lot of minerals is formed. By using this kind of water as the main ingredient, the sake brewed is dry and refreshing. The sake rice produced in Niigata Prefecture is also grown from this kind of water that contains a lot of minerals, so the produced rice has a light, dry, and fruity smell.
The cold weather in Niigata is also one of the main reasons. The cold environment is optimal for slow fermentation and can prevent bacteria growing during the production, which makes the sake dry and clean.
Saketora - Niigata Prefecture's special cuisine
Saketora - Niigata Prefecture's special cuisine

Niigata Prefecture's special cuisine
and food pairings

Niigata Prefecture has a wide variety of seafood, including the famous Blackthroat seaperch. This kind of fish is rich in fat and is known as the 'White Fatty Tuna', which goes well with dry sakes. Another famous food is the fried chicken called 'Hanshin-Karaage' (lit. half-body fried chicken). Unlike the normal one-bite fried chicken, 'Hanshin-Karaage' directly fry a half of the chicken, making it crispy on the outside, but keep juicy on the inside. Tanrei sake is the best companion for this for washing away the oily feeling in the mouth. Although it may not be easy to find the above cuisine in Hong Kong, you can also find many substitutes, such as stuffed three treasures!

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