In the past year, Saketora has introduced different limited sake, seasonal sake and awarded sake to sake fans. So among the wide varity of sakes, which sake is the most popular? Saketora team has sorted out the best-sellers in the past year, and among them, some are the best choices as gifts, while some are suitable for drinking at home. Let's check the ranking!
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The fruity daiginjo has always been the most popular type of sake, especially those with new breakthroughs on the taste. Therefore, the sake made by the brewery to break with tradition, Kuromatsu Senjo Prototype Junmai Daiginjo reaches the top of our overall ranking again this year! Extra sweet, yet clean and pleasant, this Junmai Daiginjo is soft and fresh like melon, with an impressive mouthfeel. It has successfully captured the hearts of all sake fans and became the most popular sake of the last year! Check the list to see what are the other popular sakes.
Saketora - Overall ranking 2021
Saketora - Overall ranking 2021
Sakes for different occasions?
There are many types of sake in the world, their appearance and taste may affect the mood of the drinker. Different time and place, with different sake, will have different feelings. Check out the list by occasion to pick out the special sake for your special moment!
Saketora - Best Gift ranking 2022
Saketora - Best Gift ranking 2022

Saketora - Me Time ranking 2022
Saketora - Me Time ranking 2022

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