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Saketora - Ozawa Brewery The Oldest Sake Brewery in Tokyo

The "OMO5" hotel under Hoshino Resorts in Otsuka, Tokyo, had cooperated with "Ozawa Brewery" from spring to autumn in 2021. A all-you-can-drink course was launched with 5 types of sake from the brewery, so that everyone can feel the charm of local sakes. Cannot travel to Japan, but still want to try the best taste recommended by famous local hotels, then you should not miss the sakes from Ozawa Brewery!

How good is Sawanoi?
Saketora - Ozawa Brewery The Oldest Sake Brewery in Tokyo

Tokyo is not just a commercial city, but also embraces some excellent sake breweries. The oldest sake brewery here is called Ozawa Brewery, which has been established since 1702 with a history of over 300 years. Situated in Ome City, west of Tokyo, they are surrounded by beautiful rivers and valley, which provide a perfect environment for sake brewing. Being so grateful for the nature, they especially named their brand after the village where they are located as “Sawanoi”, which means “shining clear water”.

Saketora - Ozawa Brewery Sawanoi
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Even though Ozawa Brewery has an exceptionally long history, their techniques are surprisingly modern. Rice polishing is one of the most important steps of sake brewing. If a sake is brewed using the rice grains that are broken or have different sizes, the crisp mouthfeel will probably be ruined. To make sure the quality of rice grain is perfect, the whole polishing process is carried out and monitored by themselves.

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The brewery is also particular about the brewing equipment. Almost all fermentation vessels are equipped with a system that can adjust the optimal temperature and time. However, being the oldest brewery means they have also kept the essence of tradition. Their Kimoto sake is produced in traditional wooden tank because the porous nature can keep the lactic acid bacteria to grow healthily. What’s amazing and special about this kind of vessels is that there is, in fact, only one manufacturer left in Japan who can produce them. Without a long history, it is almost impossible to get your hands on them.

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Having been frequently awarded, the brewery is well-known for their concept that is to produce sake which fits the culinary culture of Tokyo. As most dishes in Tokyo are seasoned with soy sauce, their sake is usually dry or medium dry with acidity so that it can bring out the umami in the sauce. The finish is particularly short so it can help refresh the palate.

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Saketora - Ozawa Brewery Sawanoi


Sawanoi Junmai Daiginjo Thirty-Five 720ml
Sawanoi Junmai Summer Edition 720ml
Sawanoi SuperDry Junmai 720ml
Tokyo Kurabito, Junmai Ginjo 720ml
Sawanoi Junmai Daiginjo 720ml